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Bootleg Bonanza: Bruce Springsteen - War & Roses (Born to Run Outtakes)

bruce springsteen war and roses born to run outtakes

Download MP3@Unknown Quality (see notes below): Part I, Part II

Bruce Springsteen
War and Roses (Born to Run-outtakes)

01.A Love So Fine
02.Born To Run (Alternate Version)
03.Thunder Road (Alternate Take #1)
04.Thunder Road (Alternate Take #2)
05.Thunder Road (Alternate Take #3)
06.Night (Double-tracked lead vocals)
07.Linda Let Me Be The One
08.Backstreets (Alternate Take #1)
09.Backstreets (Alternate Take #2)
10.Lovers In The Cold
11.Born To Run (Double-tracked lead vocals)
12.She’s The One (Alternate Take)
13.The Heist
14.Jungleland (Rehearsal Take of Ending)
15.Jungleland (Alternate Take)

I keep promising myself that I’m only going to post shows that I either torrent, get in trades, or find on the web in lossless quality and am able to convert to MP3 myself. I don’t like “stealing” from other bootlegs sites and I want to give my readers the best quality MP3 with as much source material as I can find.

That being said sometimes I find something that sounds so good I just have to share. The other day I downloaded this bootleg and got so excited about it that I uploaded it before I even listened to it. I ever started writing the post out before I listened. So now I’m listening and it turns out that while it is tons of awesome, it is also checking in @32kps. You read that right, 32, thats like the lowest bit rate I’ve ever seen. I’m not posting that. But since I already got the setlist and this post ready to go, I thought I’d find a way to get it out anyways. I found the same show on Guitars101 from the guy who runs Qualitybootz. Normally he only deals in Lossless music, but this was posted to the Lossy group so I’m assuming its a good quality MP3 (sorry haven’t downloaded it myself just yet.)

Bootleg Bonanza: Johnny Cash - Unchained Outtakes

johnny cash unchained outtakes

Johnny Cash
Unchained Outtakes

Download MP3@256 (except “Changed the Locks which is @128): Rapidshare

I’ve Been Everywhere #1
Don’t Sell Daddy Anymore Whiskey
The Devil #1
As Long
More Locks
Mean Eyed Cat
The One Rose #1
Country Boy
I Never Picked Cotton
That Lucky Old Sun
Trouble in Mind
The Devil #2
Meet Me In Heaven
The One Rose #2

The Johnny Cash/Rick Rubin collaboration will surely go down as one of the greatest runs in the history of contemporary music. I don’t love every song they produced (and actually Unchained is probably my least favorite of the set) but there is so much wonderful goodness to be found in the mountain of music they created together that it can truly be called classic. That a guy who was mostly known for rap music and an old has-been country crooner could create such brilliant music is as close to a miracle as we’re likely to get anytime soon.

I really can’t remember now where I got this set, but its a good one. I’m pretty sure none of it has seen official release, though since Rubin continues to release footage from their multiple sessions I could be wrong. Unchained was the second record the two produced and where the first one, American Recordings, was stripped down (just Cash and his guitar) the second record is more of a rock and roll affair (with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers playing back up band.)

The outtakes have no real surprises. The songs sound pretty much like they did on the officially released record, with some minor tweaks. The highlight is the unreleased cover of Lucina William’s “Changed the Locks” which I’m guessing was a Tom Petty request as he’s been known to cover the song himself. I’m actually not sure it comes from the same set as it isn’t listed on the cover art and comes in at 128kps as opposed to the 256 all the other songs come in at.

My setlist is slightly different than what is on the cover art. I have no explanation as to why.

Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison - Talk About Pop (11/2/73)

van morrison talk about pop

Download MP3@320kps: Rapidshare

Talk About Pop (acoustic 1973)
November 2, 1973
Radio Telefos Eireann (RTE) Studios
Dublin, Ireland

TV>gen.1or2? type-II cassette tape>CD-R>wave/lossless>FLAC>MP3

1. Wild Children (4:21)
2. Slim Slow Slider (3:12)
3. Warm Love (3:19)
4. Drumshambo Hustle (3:38)
5. Autumn Song (4:02)
6. St. Dominic’s Preview (5:52)
7. Purple Heather [aka Wild Mountain Thyme] (3:49)
8. Madame George (7:14)
9. Wild Side Of Life (2:18)
- 4-second tape anomaly at 0:22-0:26
10. I Shall Sing (2:47)
11. And It Stoned Me (3:44)
12. piano into [Edit] (0:38)

Notes from the original torrentor:

This is something truly special for Van Morrison fans. 45 minutes of the Belfast Cowboy performing solo on acoustic guitar in an Irish television station studio. The show was called Talk About Pop, and Van’s appearance included an interview with host Tony Johnson and Donall Corvin (which can be read here).

It was recorded on November 2, 1973 and aired a week later on November 9, 1973. Included among Van’s song choices are three that are known only among serious collectors: “I Shall Sing”, “Wild Side Of Life” (sometimes known as “Honky Tonk Angels”), and the ridiculously rare “Drumshambo Hustle”, a song bemoaning the business aspect of the music industry.
About 10 years ago I received a cassette tape of this performance from an old-time Van Morrison fan & collector from Belfast. As a serious collector, I had previously heard a portion of this set (about 20 minutes worth), but when I played this tape and found that there were additional songs that I hadn’t heard before, and in stunningly great sound quality, I was thrilled. Unfortunately, the interview segments were edited out, and the ending “piano intro” snippet hints that there may have been more of the show with Van on piano. There also appears a tape anomaly 20 seconds into “Wild Side Of Life”. These flaws aside, I think any Van Morrison fan and/or collector will be amazed at what they hear, as this tape represents the most complete, best sounding copy of this show I’ve heard. Enjoy!

Daily Bootleg Links: Bob Dylan & The Band (01/31/74), McCoy Tyner (07/09/89), Gov’t Mule (01/27/10)

bob dylan and the band

Bob Dylan & The Band
New York NY
Download@So Many Roads

McCoy Tyner
Wiesen, Austria
Download@Burning Dervish

Gov’t Mule
Oxford, MS
Download@Iz Prve Ruke

Morning Becomes Eclectic: Iron & Wine


I’m really liking Iron & Wine’s new album, Kiss Each Other Clean. It is definitely different than their other work, but I’m digging the bigger sound. They did a nice set on Morning Becomes Eclectic recently and you can hear it on their website, or stream it through the little widget below. Sorry I don’t have a setlist.

Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young - In a Rusted Out Garage (11/21/86)

(San Francisco Bay Area)
NOVEMBER 21, 1986

Download FLAC/MP3: Mediafire

Live Satellite TV Broadcast (mono)
Simulcast KLOS-FM Los Angeles (stereo)

First Set
2.Mr. Soul
3.When You Dance, I Can Really Love
4.Down By the River
5.Too Lonely
6.Neil’s mom calls
7.Heart of Gold
8.After the Goldrush
9.Inca Queen
10.Drive Back
11.Opera Star
12.Sam Kinison calls Neil on the phone
(Radio Station cuts to blip the language then audio goes to TV sound for this part and returns to FM about 2 seconds into Cortez)
13.Cortez the Killer

Second Set
1.Sample and Hold (Comes out of Tv sound about 2 seconds into song)
2.Computer Age
3.Violent Side
4.Mideast Vacation
5.Long Walk Home
6.The Needle and the Damage Done
7.When Your Lonely Heart Breaks
8.Around the World
10.Like a Hurricane
11.Hey Hey, My My
12.Prisoners of Rock ‘n’ Roll

I thought I’d try to break up the big FLAC file into smaller ones this time just to see how it goes. Obviously there were problems. Back in my windows days I used WinRar to compress the folders which gave me some nice options of how big to break each section into and then when unzipping them the folder would automatically be put into one folder instead of multiple ones. Well WinRar doesn’t exist on a Mac and what I could find only has the option of breaking them into nothing bigger than 100 mb chunks. As you can see that’s a lot of chunks which is totally obnoxious (please forgive me for not creating actual links for each part, I got lazy with my annoyance.) I was hoping Rapidshare would let me put this entire set into one folder and then link to that folder where you would then find all the links but that doesn’t seem possible either. All of this simply means I won’t likely be doing it this way again anytime soon.

Notes from the taper:

Cable TV broadcast w/ simulcast FM audio > unknown VHS Hi-Fi recorder >
(I think my videotape is the original if not it is a copy of a master) >
Fostex CR-200 > Wav via EAC > Editing with NERO > CDR (2002)
Revisited this concert for uploading in 2010
CDR > wav via EAC (secure mode) > combined all tracks and reviewed the entire show fixing a couple glitches using Audacity >
(Re) tracked with CD Wav > Flac (Level 8)
The TV feed was used during the Sam Kinison section to avoid the radio station censorship button.A volume difference on the videotape between these audio sources was fixed using NERO wave editor. NERO was initially used (in 2002) to remove some audio glitches and just generally clean things up.The changes between FM and TV were minimized at the time.
Then when I re-mastered this in 2010 I used Audacity to work on the volume changes a little more.

The Listening Room: Norah Jones - Not Too Late

norah jones not too late

I’ve been listening to Norah Jones a lot lately due to some awesome bootlegs I received last week. She’s one of my favorite artists and yet I hadn’t listened to her in a long while. Realizing the reason for this is my constant obsession with obtaining more music made me write a little piece for Blinded By Sound.

Honestly, I’m not real happy with the way it turned out. I wanted to concentrate on that idea - how having the ability to download so much music causes old favorites to get lost in the shuffle - but wound up waxing nostalgic about buying physical CDs and how big my music collection is, etc. and my point kind of got away from me.

Oh well, there’s some interesting discussion to be had anyways.

Torrent Tracking: Grinderman - Big Day Out 2011, Bruce Springsteen - Halloween Night In Los Angeles, Sonic Youth (08/08/85)


“Big Day Out 2011″
Melbourne, Australia
Get Torrent: DIME

Bruce Springsteen
October 31, 1980
Los Angeles CA
“Halloween Night in Los Angeles”
Get Torrent: DIME

Sonic Youth
August 8, 1985
Madison, Wisconsin
Get Torrent: DIME

Daily Bootleg Links: Pink Floyd - Zabriskie Point Outtakes, George Harrison Was Here, Lots of Bright Eyes Boots

zabriskie point outtakes

Pink Floyd
Zabriskie Point Outtakes
Download FLAC: Quality Bootz

George Harrison Was Here
Collection of songs with George as a sideman.
Download MP3@12 Bar Original

A whole bunch of Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst shows

Bootleg Bonanza: John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Have You Had Your Breakfast Yet? (06/8/71)

john lennon have you had your breakfast yet

Download MP3@320kps: Mediafire

John Lennon & Yoko Ono
Live on WPLJ-FM

Source: “Have You Had Your Breakfast Yet?” (Black Cat BC 038).

1. Meeting Celebrities
2. We’ve Got Until Tuesday
3. A Lot Of Chopped Heads
4. I Wouldn’t Have Missed Any Of It
5. Let’s Play A Record
6. Caller One
7. Shut Up, You Bitch!
8. My Mummy’s Dead/Don’t Worry
9. There’s Two Books
10. That Apple Jazz
11. That Was One In Ten
12. Mother/Why
13. Any Sound Is Interesting
14. A Very Healthy Thing
15. A Typical Couple
16. Caller Two
17. A Summons In The Morning
18. Caller Three
19. Donating To The Wildlife Fund
20. Caller Four
21. Caller Five
22. Expectations
23. Caller Six
24. Grapefruit Reading
25. Caller Seven
26. Caller Eight
27. Caller Nine
28. Caller Ten
29. The Other Solo Albums
30. Caller Eleven
31. Caller Twelve
32. Caller Thirteen
33. Unreleased Beatles Material
34. The Village Scene

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