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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Various Artists - Gift to Lossless Legs


Download Lossless FLAC: Part I, Part II, Part III

1. Poem For Eva – Bill Frisell 02-17-2001 - Nashville, TN
2. Toujours Vouloir – The Duhks 11-01-2008 – Barre, VT
3. Salt Spring – Sarah Jarosz & Friends 07-19-2008 – Oak Hill, NY
4. When First Unto This Country – Crooked Still 08-10-2008 – Charleston, WV
5. Brother Wind – Tim O’Brien & Jerry Douglas 07-19-2008 – Oak Hill, NY
6. Billy Grey – Tony Rice Unit 04-08-1990 – Worcester, MA
7. Smith Chapel – Flinner, Grier & Phillips 08-10-2000 – Alta, WY
8. Where There’s A Road – Sam Bush Band 11-16-2007 – Lebanon, NH
9. Mystic Water - Donna The Buffalo 05-10-2008 – South Burlington, VT
10. Daughter of A Conjugal Visit – The Waybacks 07-21-2007 – Ancramdale, NY
11. Stayin’ Alive – Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives 07-21-2007 – Ancramdale, NY
12. Streets Of London – Goode Deal Bluegrass Band 12-26-2002 – Annapolis, MD
13. Roses - Rani Arbo and the Daisy Mayhem 08-16-2008 – Huntington, VT
14. Marilla’s Lesson – Norman Blake 07-19-1997 – Ancramdale, NY
15. Foreign Lander – Sarah Jarosz – 07-19-2008 – Oak Hill, NY

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Ella Fitzgerald - Amsterdam (02/18/61)

ella fitzgerald

Download Lossless FLAC: Part I, Part II

Ella Fitzgerald
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Too Close For Comfort
On A Slow Boat To China
How Long Has This Been Going On
Heart And Soul
You’re Driving Me Crazy
That Old Black Magic
Lover Come Back To Me
My Funny Valentine
I’ve Got A Crush On You
Mr Paganini
Mack The Knife
St Louis Blues

Ella Fitzgerald (voc)
Lou Levy (p)
Herb Ellis (g)
Wilfred Middlebrooks (b)
Gus Johnson (d)

I’ll be out of town for the next two weeks or so. We’re crossing half the country to visit both sides of the family for the holidays. Before we left I set Mediafire to upload all the shows that I had recently torrented (all five of them) and also converted several others to MP3 which I will upload sometime over the trip. I should have a dozen or so shows posted in that time period.

How awesome am I? Even when I’m gone I find ways to post shows. :)

The only drawback is that I forgot to put the lossless show information on my laptop so for the show info I will have to rely on etree. This should be fine except that a couple of the shows are compilation type deals and I’m not sure I’ll be able to find them. I may just have to download them from my own upload and get it that way. I also won’t be able to convert any of the lossless shows to MP3 until I get back, nor can I tell you what they sound like.

Bootleg Bonanza: Jackson Browne & David Lindley - Atlantic City, NJ (09/04/10)

New Links!
Download MP3@320kps: Part I, Part II

Jackson Browne with David Lindley
Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa
Atlantic City, NJ
Saturday, September 4, 2010

Source: Audience recording > Schoeps MK4 > Nbox+ > Sony PCM M-10 > Sony Soundforge 9 > CD Wave > FLAC > TLH > WAV>MP3

Taped by Nicky C and Wifey C.


Acoustic with David Lindley
01.Seminole Bingo (Warren Zevon cover)
02.Brothers Under the Bridge (Bruce Springsteen cover)
03.For Everyman
04.Looking East

David Lindley only
05.Soul of a Man
06.When A Guy Gets Boobs

Band Set
01.Off Of Wonderland
02.Giving That Heaven Away
03.Just Say Yeah
04.In the Shape of a Heart
05.Your Bright Baby Blues
06.Fountain of Sorrow
08.The Pretender
09.For a Dancer
10.My Problem is You
11.Too Many Angels
12.I’m Alive
13.Doctor My Eyes
14.Rock Me On The Water
15.Running on Empty
16.Mercury Blues
17.I Am a Patriot

Bootleg Bonanza: Bright Eyes (With Lou Reed + Gillian Welch) - New York (05/25/07)

bright eyes

Download MP3@192kps: Mediafire

Decent Audience Recording

Bright Eyes
Town Hall
New York, NY

Hot Knives
Make A Plan To Love Me
Four Winds
No One Would Riot For Less
I’m Waiting For The Man *
Dirty Blvd. *
First Day Of My Life
The Calendar Hung Itself
Soul Singer In A Session Band
Cleanse Song
Lime Tree
I Believe In Symmetry
Encore: Gold Mine Gutted
Look At Miss Ohio #
Lua #

*w/Lou Reed
#w/Gillian Welch & David Rawlings

Bootleg Bonanza: Pearl Jam - Squeeze Box (The Songs of the Who)

Squeeze Box (The Songs Of The Who)

Download MP3@various levels: Rapidshare

DISC 1 -
Jools And Jim ~ Pearl Jam
I Can’t Explain ~ Eddie Vedder
Leavin’ Here ~ Pearl Jam
I’m One ~ Eddie Vedder (With The Who)
Let My Love Open The Door ~ Pearl Jam
My Generation ~ Eddie Vedder
Let’s See Action ~ Eddie Vedder (With The Who)
Girls Eyes ~ Eddie Vedder (With The Fastbacks)
Getting In Tune ~ Eddie Vedder (With The Who)
The Kids Are Alright ~ Eddie Vedder
Young Man Blues ~ Eddie Vedder (With The Fastbacks)
Blue Red And Grey ~ Pearl Jam

DISC 2 -
Squeeze Box ~ Eddie Vedder
Magic Bus ~ Eddie Vedder (With Pete Townshend)
The Seeker ~ Pearl Jam
Naked Eye ~ Eddie Vedder (With The Fastbacks)
‘Til The Rivers All Run Dry ~ Eddie Vedder
Better Man ~ Eddie Vedder (With Pete Townshend)
Tatoo ~ Eddie Vedder (With Pete Townshend)
Heart To Hang On To ~ Eddie Vedder (With Pete Townshend)
A Quick One ~ Eddie Vedder (With My Morning Jacket)
Love, Reign O’er Me ~ Pearl Jam
Baba O’riley ~ Pearl Jam
See Me, Fell Me / Listening To You ~ Eddie Vedder (With The Who)
25 Sheraton Gibson [Bonus Track] ~ Eddie Vedder

Artwork included, the back cover image has date information.

I’ve been collecting bootlegs for nearly fifteen years now. Amazingly it was less than two years ago that I discovered bootleg blogs. In fact it was after I started my own version that I discovered others were doing the same thing. At first it was like discovering gold in your back yard. Then it was like going down a wormhole there were so many different blogs out there.

I downloaded everything. Constantly. Then I filled up my hard drive and realized I needed to stop. I very rarely download anything from a blog anymore. Not only was I running out of room but I knew I wanted to blog things that I had obtained from normal sources. What I mean is that I prefer to link to blogs that have interesting things and not upload them myself. That way I’m fostering the community and not stealing so to speak. Now of course stuff that I already have on disk, and stuff I get in torrents are still circulated in other blogs, but I’m at least not directly ripping them off.

Yes this also means that I rarely actually listen to the stuff I link too. I simply link what looks interesting and make no comment on the quality.

Anyways that being said today I have a couple of shows I downloaded from elsewhere. These didn’t come from blogs so I don’t feel like I’m intruding on somebody’s space. They were found in basically download areas, where someone has uploaded the shows to a site similar to Mediafire and then someone unrelated found the download.

I don’t know if any of that makes sense. I feel a kinship with the other bootleg blogs and I don’t want to upload stuff I downloaded from them, but in this case it didn’t come from a blog but rather a random site that isn’t updated regularly.

Anyways, enjoy the PJ.

Bootleg Bonanza: Bruce Hornsby - Florence, MA (07/28/01)

Download MP3@320kps: Part I, Part II

Bruce Hornsby
Pines Theatre
Florence, MA

Lineage: Master Cassette > CD > EAC > FLAC
(2) Sennheiser 421/ (1) Audio Tecnica ATM 11> Optimus
Mixer> Sbm-1>d-8>CDR 870> EAC> Adaptec 5>CD>MP3

White Wheeled Limousine > (The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence), Red
Plains, Carolina in My Mind > Spider Fingers (Carolina in My Mind quotes
throughout Spider Fingers) > Tempus Fugit > Spider Fingers, The Tide Will
Rise, Columbus Stockade(?)* > Valley Road, Funhouse, (Every Little Kiss),
Shadow Hand, Song C > End of the Innocence, (Hole in the Bucket), Drunken
Hiccups > (Hole in the Bucket) > Jacob’s Ladder > (Turkey in the Straw) >
(Rawhide?) > Pig in a Pen > Jacob’s Ladder, The Boxer (solo), Loser, Long Tall
Cool One, Rainbow’s Cadillac, Cruise Control
Encore: Mighty Quinn > The Way It Is > Mighty Quinn > Sunflower Cat > Lot
to Laugh Train To Cry > The Show Goes On

Bootleg Bonanza: Bruce Hornsby - Hyannis, MA (08/03/01)

bruce hornsby

Download MP3@320kps: Part I, Part II

Bruce Hornsby
Cape Cod Melody Tent
Hyannis, MA

Set 1:
Song C >
Sad Moon (solo)
The Tide Will Rise
The Changes >
Tango King
White-Wheeled Limousine >
Long Black Veil >
Darlin’ Corey
Set 2:
Walk in the Sun
The Show Goes On
(What a Time)
(Happy Birthday)
The Way It Is
Women Are Smarter >
Pete & Manny
Sunflower Cat
I Will Walk With You >
Under the Boardwalk >
Fields of Gray >
That’s Where It’s At
Spider Fingers >
Tempus Fugit >
Spider Fingers
Encore: Rainbow’s Cadillac

Comments: Whole show w/ R.S.Hornsby

Daily Bootleg Links: Pearl Jam - (7/6/10)Video, Covers for a Sunday, The Police - Paris (4/14/80)

pearl jam venice

Pearl Jam
Venice, Italy
(DVDfull aud-shot)
Download Video@TUBE

Covers for Sunday
Download@Between Thought and Expression

The Police
14 April 1980
Download@Jazz Blues and Co

Video Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan - Don’t Look Back Outtakes

Download Video: Megaupload

I honestly have no idea where I got this, nor did I even remember having it until a couple of days ago when I found it in one of my bootleg books. At first I assumed it was a typical music bootleg, but when it wouldn’t play I discovered it was in fact video.

A little Google juice turns up information that this is what was leftover from D.A. Pennebaker’s documentary of Dylan’s 1965 tour of Britain. This review says it is mostly for hard core Dylanphiles. Personally I’ve never seen the original documentary and have yet to sit down and watch this. I’m not much for watching music DVDs so I’m not sure I ever will watch this one.

Whatever, download it if you want. I said I was uploading basically everything I have and I will continue to do so. I’m being pretty negative with this, but the little I did watch included some pretty brilliant live footage of Dylan. You can also stream the show here (don’t adjust your volume, the sound kicks out for maybe thirty seconds right at the beginning, its on the download too.)

Bootleg Bonanza: Bruce Hornsby - York, PA (11/12/00)

Download MP3@320kps: Part I, Part II

Bruce Hornsby
Strand Capitol PAC
York, PA

Set I
1. Carry the Water–>
2. Line In the Dust
3. Stander on the Mountain
4. Swan Song
5. Nobody there but me
6. Big Stick
7. Dark as the night–>
Western Skyline–>
Mandolin Rain–>
Western Skyline->Masterpiece
8. Pastures of Plenty
9. Look out any Window
Set II
1. Night on the Town
2. Great Divide>Lady Madonna
3. I will walk w/you –>
Fields of Grey–>
That’s where It’s at–>
Walk In the Sun
4. Ripple
5. The Letter–>
Barcelona Mona
6. I’m In Love
7. Rainbow’s –>On Broadway–>
Rainbow’s Caddy
Disc 3 1. Country Doctor
2. Way It Is
3. Crowd
4. E: Mighty Quinn–>
Idol with the Golden Head–>

As I got this show from Simon Twining I should probably plug his amazingly great Bruce Hornsby fan site, It is really the go-to site for all things Hornsby.

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