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The Future

I am still having extreme trouble getting anything uploaded. I’ve tried the classic upload method on zippyshare a few times now with few results. What seems to be happening is that somewhere in the night my connection is timing out for a bit. Everything will be fine, I’ll be uploading, browsing, maybe even streaming video or torrenting then everything will crash. My modem or router or whatever has all those lights on it telling me things are connected. Usually they’ll start blinking slowly which indicates that somethings wrong (that happens whenever there is a bad storm which kills my connection.) My go-to fix is to unplug the power source for a minute, plug it back in and then it usually corrects itself. A few times I’ve had to disconnect the network cable that runs to my Apple Airport.

Again this happens in bad storms and sometimes randomly during the day, but for the past few weeks its happened every time I’ve stayed up late. It seems to happen whenever I’m using a lot of bandwidth such as uploading shows, torrenting, etc. Which makes me wonder if my IP isn’t doing something to slow me down/stop me outright.

I’m not at all an expert on these things and I’m going to stop right here with the details on whats happening. The end result is that I’m only able to upload anything at all about twice a week. All the other times it fails. This is extremely frustrating. DylanDave and others have been helpful in helping me trouble shoot and if you want to walk through it all step by step we can do that in the comments.

Mainly though I write this just to let everyone know why I’ve been so slow to post new stuff. I don’t see this getting fixed anytime soon and it may get annoying enough that I have to stop all together. For a time at least.

I mentioned in a comment a little while ago that we are likely to be moving again. My wife lost her job recently (she is a professor of French at university so she remains employed until the end of this semester.) I’ve been looking for something else but we live in an area where there just isn’t much available and what is will not come close to paying the bills. I have been offered a job back in my home town and unless a miracle happens over the next couple of months we’ll likely be moving there. This will actually be nice in all sorts of personal ways (closer to my family will be a large blessing) but also means that I’ll be getting decent internet. I will absolutely be making sure that we can get a good connection before signing any lease.

All of this is still up in the air a bit as something may come up and keep us here, and our near future is somewhat fuzzy, but most likely by the beginning of summer The Midnight Cafe will be back and running at full steam.

I hope that until then I can continue to post sporadically, whenever my stupid internet allows, and that maybe (fingers crossed) my current internet will get better. But if not we have the future to look forward to.

As always thanks to everyone who is always so supportive. You guys rock!

17 Responses to “The Future”

  1. Adam Says:

    Frustration is a pain to deal with. This is supposed to be a place we come to completely enjoy. When it happens, enjoy those moments and let the frustration end. Go listen to one of the excellent shows that are posted and remember where you found them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. DylanDave Says:

    Sorry to hear of your troubles and issues Mat. You know I reckon ur ISP is just trying to ‘moderate; ur internet use, in much the same way that mine tries to screw up my overnight downloading. I also get these droputs, usually around 2am, no reason, all router lights suggest all ok and it lasts just long enough to ‘cut’ all my running dls/uploads. Of course they r usually from free servers so no resume etc. Drives me potty and it’s one of the reasons i always report these line faults. I suspect that there is no problem actually, however just the fact that they haave to reset the connection (as part of the line test) sorts it out for a while. Anyway I resume on my merry way and then sometime in the future it just starts happening again!
    As i said before they are all just a bunch of……
    keep smiling if possible

  3. DylanDave Says:

    sorry meant to add – turning the router off for periods of time helps sometimes. Try to make it more than an hour as this forces a new ‘session’ with ur ISP. The longer the better really. When you sit down and think about it there are always periods in the day when the damn thing can be off. NO GUARANTEES but works for me sometimes

  4. Grant Says:

    You are very generous with all of your shares, so thank you for all of your efforts Mat! I hope you and your wife’s job situation takes a turn for the better soon, and with it your Internet connection.

    I know it will work out eventually! Sending good vibes.

  5. Mat Brewster Says:

    It really does seem like they are messing with me. Sometimes it does go out in the day, but that’s fairly rare. But like every night after midnight it goes. Almost always when I’m using up a lot of bandwidth. When I reset it it usually does ok, but sometimes it takes me two or three times to get it working again.

    Whenever I just set it to upload over night and don’t actually stay up the sites just looks locked up. Using the flash uploads it usually just sits in stasis until I reload the page. Using the classic uploader it goes into page cannot be loaded mode.

    Sometimes I’ve seen Zippy give me a quick message that I can’t read then the file disappears as if it has been uploaded, but then I find the file size is tiny. Last night I tried FileFactory and two files uploaded and the others gave me errors.

    Thing is when I get up in the morning everything is fine. Whereas if its weather related I always have to reset everything. Which indicates its not going out entirely but maybe just throttling me out of existence. Or something. Who knows?

    I’ll try to shut it completely down tonight for a few hours and see if that helps.

    These days I’m just counting down until we move and I get a good connection again.

  6. DylanDave Says:

    All I will say is that i’ve been doin’ this stuff since broadband became widely available over her, around 2001 or so, can’t really remember, amd i don’t believe there is anything that anybody could say to me to convince me that this sfuff does not go on!!
    ‘unlimited’ yeah right
    All a bunch of…

    As you said if it was a real issue/freeze/lockup then you would need to reset to get it back – it’s just like somebody pulls out a wire for five or ten minutes and then plugs it back in again. Making sure of course that you are likely to be asleep at the time!!!

  7. Tony Says:

    It’s not because your ISP voted 1973 is it ?? :)

    (Sorry Mat, that’s probably in v bad taste under the circs!).

    Many thanks for a great site.

  8. Narrow Dog Says:

    Hi Mat, good luck for the future. We all seem to have link breakage all the time. I know your problem so well. The fact you intend to keep on posting at all is and always will be appreciated.

  9. steve Says:

    Best of luck with everything! The stuff I’ve pulled from your page is fantastic and I appreciate what you’ve done for all of us music lovers.

  10. katukoneiko Says:

    I wish you all the luck you deserve that is HUGE!!!!Thank you for making each visit to your website a beautiful musical present…Your generosity is priceless…You have given me so much happiness…Wish you really all the best for you and your family…Gracias amigo

  11. AlielOnAcid Says:

    I wish you and your wife all the best. Many thanks for the great things you shared. i am sure everything will be alright very soon !

  12. Bob W Says:


    Sorry to hear about your problems. I’ve been suffering for the last 3 months with constant disconnects (just a second or two) , so I know your frustration. Post when you can, don’t post when it is too frustrating, not worth tearing your hair out for things you can’t control. Hopefully the job market will pick up and both you and your wife can find decent jobs. Being close to family helps in hard times. I know, we babysit our grandchildren while their parents are at work so they don’t have to pay daycare. Best of luck to you.

    Bob W.

  13. Rob-in-Brevard Says:

    Good luck with it all, Mat! Hope all goes well with your possible move and your computer/internet issues…

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Hope everything works out for you Matt! Know that people around the globe love your blog! You make all our lives better, so keep that in mind when your provider is screwing up your connection again..

  15. draftervoi Says:

    I had a similar issue. Sometimes everything worked fine, sometimes it didn’t work at all. Troubleshooting didn’t reveal any consistent pattern to the problem. I had Comcast out; they replaced the old modem/router with a new combined box that has both – even though my equipment was less than a year old. The tech said “Get used to replacing all of this every one or two years, that’s how fast it’s changing.” And yeah, it’s working fine now.

  16. draftervoi Says:

    Oh…and I had the EXACT SAME THOUGHT – was this the ISP throttling my bandwidth? It wasn’t.

  17. Mat Brewster Says:

    Interesting draftervoir. The fact that mine works well during the day and the likelihood that I’ll be moving relatively soon makes me not inclined to go through that hassle.

    I’ve messaged my ISP a few times and got no response. I should call them, I guess, but the thought of being on hold forever, then trying to explain whats happening and spending who knows how long trying to get it fixed makes me less than happy. At the moment I’m willing to deal with the irritation of bad uploads most of the time with the hopes of things being better in a few weeks.

    I’ve had good uploads the last two nights so maybe we’re on a roll.

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