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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Malaga, Spain (01/18/06) – “Where is the Wonder?”

van morrison where is the wonder

18 January 2006
Teatro Cervates – Malaga
” Where Is The Wonder?”

Download FLAC: Part 1, Part 2
Download MP3@320: File Factory

CD1 :
01. Just A Little Bit (NE)
02. Keep Mediocrity At Bay
03. Ain’t That Loving You Baby
04. Magic Time
05. Days Like THis
06. Too Many Myths
07. Cleaning Windows
08. Stranded < Don’t Look Back
09. Moondance

CD2 :
01. Streets Of Arklow
02. Stop Drinking
03. St. james Infirmary
04. Have I Told You Lately
05. Precious Time
06. This Love Of Mine
07. Brown Eyed Girl
08. Help Me
09. Celtic New Year > The Healing Game

I am still very much working out the kinks of this new system. When I started I was very conservative with my bandwidth because, if you will remember, I only get 10 gigs a month with this satellite internet connection. Looking at my usage I now see I can easily post whatever I need to but still need to stay up past midnight (when the bandwidth is free) to upload anything. That has been a bit hit or miss. I’m too old to stay up that late all the time so I do it a few times a week when I can. Problem is those times I don’t always have a lot of shows ready at those times to upload. Then there is always trouble finding the time to post the show as my daughter is hitting the age where she constantly wants to know what I’m doing and get her fingers into the mix of it. At any rate I’m still posting, just in a random sort of way.

7 Responses to “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Malaga, Spain (01/18/06) – “Where is the Wonder?””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Do as much as you like, and no more! Remember it’s a hobby, and having fun while sharing should be the top priority :)
    Thanks for your work!

  2. hongmill Says:

    Mat: A reasonable amount of new stuff from you is better than a deluge from just about any other music site I can think of. The quality of the stuff you’ve put up since your return has been amazing. Do as much as you are comfortable doing. I doubt your other friends in cyberspace will be anything but patient and understanding. Those of us who remember life before music on the web treat what we get from you and those like you as an amazing gift. For people who grew up in the 60s and 70s just crazy about music, you make every day feel a bit like Christmas (one of the only times of the year when new records could reasonably be expected by young kids).

  3. Bruce Says:

    Thanks Mat.

  4. Grant Says:

    I agree with Anonymous totally. Your Dad hat comes first, then we are grateful for whatever you can offer. I have 2 small kids myself so I know!

    And thanks for this post in particular – looks wonderful. Always love any VAN THE MAN you can post!

  5. Seth Hollander Says:

    Like they said! After all, all you get from this is pleasure. So if you put yourself in a situation were posting is no fun you will be screwing yourself. Only post when you want to!
    And thanks for all of them!

  6. Alan Says:

    Thank you so much for Van they are such good quality thanks for all your hard work

  7. 25thBeatle Says:

    Mat….Any post is a pleasure from this side of the counter at The Midnight Cafe. I enjoy stopping in and seeing what the blue plate special of the day is.
    Keep posting when you WANT and do not feel you HAVE to put something up because your patrons have stopped by. We’ll keep coming back and enjoying the entree that is recommended by the chef.

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