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Goodbye. For Now. (I Hope)

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that we were moving. The time has now come. Tomorrow, even. The thing is we do not yet have internet at the new place. Where we are moving to is out in the country and our current provider does not provide service to it. The people who just moved out of it had AT&T but I’m running into trouble with them. It seems that they only provide so many ports to a given area and since this particular are is rural they don’t provide very many. In fact they are currently full.

I’ve explained to then that the house, up until yesterday, had service with them and that I should surely be able to grab that port. They agree but apparently can’t make that happen in a quick-like manner. The first two people I talked to indicated that I cannot be put onto a waiting list or anything of the kind but would simply need to keep calling back everyday until their system recognized the open port (and hope that nobody else grabs it in-between calls.) The fella today said that he would put in an order for me and that he would give me a call back when he had more information. The way he explained it was that the engineers would get the order and try to figure out it and when it would be available. He even said that even if the port was open they may decide that the current users are using up too much bandwidth and that they would not give me the port.

Anyways, I’m still seeing how that plays out. I’ve looked at satellite internet, but what I’ve found so far is very prohibitive in terms of bandwidth allotment. If worse comes to worse I’ll do that but that would essentially shut down this site. So cross your fingers that AT&T calls back and we can get in quick or the Midnight Cafe may have to close its doors permanently.

Obviously I’ll keep you guys posted.

32 Responses to “Goodbye. For Now. (I Hope)”

  1. Street Pig Says:

    Tnx for spreading the tunes around, Peace.

  2. Don Says:

    I hope you’re back up and running soon. I always look forward to checking out your posts.

  3. Grant Miller Says:

    Mat – I hope you work all this out so that you can make a comeback. Yours is still the best music site out there.

    More importantly, I hope the move works out well for you and your family. It sounds like quite an adventure.

    I can’t resist a suggestion: any way to go out in a blaze of glory by posting Dylan’s Copyright Preservation set? I have had no luck getting the whole thing in a burnable format. If there was ever a recording which cried out for widespread duplication by deserving fans, this is it. (I am just kidding)

    Anyway, much good luck, and come back to us soon.


  4. speedy Says:

    Good luck with the move and the internet! Hope it all works out!

  5. ForumNE Says:

    Good luck with the move.

  6. Mat Brewster Says:

    Thanks everybody. I hate that this is so dramatic. The move came up pretty sudden as the house we are currently in sold pretty quickly. When we were talking to the folks who own the house we are moving into one of the first questions I asked was about internet and since they had it there I didn’t even think about it possibly not being available. It was only when I started actually trying to get it switched over to us that I ran into these problems.

    That was yesterday and we are moving tomorrow. So just like that I’m faced with the possibility of either not having internet or having a heavy duty capped.

    I’m pretty hopeful ATT will get me what I want and this will be just another bump in a long series of recent tales in which the blog is in turmoil. But it is quite possible it won’t happen and dire things will be a foot. But lets keep hope alive for now.

    However even if I do get what I want it will be at least a week before I get it hooked up and so I will undoubtedly be out of pocket for a bit. Not sure how I’m gonna survive actually without internet for that long, but somehow I’ll do just that.

    I’ll likely find some wifi hotspot somewhere and check in once or twice. And if these go bad then I will absolutely write a long post about the end.

  7. glen muir Says:

    Hope the move goes well and that you ge t posting again soon. Thanks for all the posts.

  8. King Cobra 19 Says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful music you put on your site AND the effort it took to do so. I wish you health and happiness my brother.

  9. Grant Says:

    I hope it works out, Mat, because your blog is awesome and so many seem to enjoy it. I know it’s a pleasure for you too. Here’s hoping the techie stuff works out!

  10. ceebee Says:

    Good luck and thank you for all the music.
    I hope you can continue soon…..

  11. Upperwye Says:

    Thanks Mat. Good luck with the move and hope your connection problems are sorted soon. I’ll be looking out for you.

  12. Bob W Says:


    Best wishes for a smooth move. I moved after 22 years in the same house, what a pain. Hopefully you’ll be able to get an internet connection soon. Your site has many fans, and we deeply appreciate all you’ve done.

    Bob W.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    All the best, and hopefully until soon!

  14. Shark Says:

    Just so you know, there are many, many options for Internet, even in rural areas. There are satellite providers that can give you Internet, along with some of the phone/cable carriers.

    Trust me, even in a rural area, these companies want your money, so they will work to get you the services you want. I have family who live in an area that didn’t even have cell service when they moved in; they had Internet within two days (Dish or DirectTV, I believe), and a cell signal booster in their backyard within a month.

  15. Steve Says:

    Thanks for all the great stuff! Hope it works out for you!

  16. celtis Says:

    Hope you’re successfull with your move und be back soon! I’m missing your music!

  17. Jimg Says:

    Thanks, for all the great music. Good luck, moving. We moved, about 4 yrs. ago, from 14 room victorian, to a 5 room mobile home, in an over 55 community. You don’t know til then how much you’ve collected. We donated lots of stuff, that the kids wouldn’t take. Hope everytrhing works out. I always look forward to your site. I will be praying for a smooth transition.

  18. newelectricmuse Says:

    All the best for the move and hope you’re soon sorted. Canj’t imagine not having the internet!

  19. furnguy Says:

    no internet. That’s unAmerican!!!!!

  20. Mat Brewster Says:

    Good news, I talked to AT&T and they were able to get us Internet. They said hopefully by Friday but it may not be until next week. The speeds aren’t great so I gonna have to see how we’ll I can upload and I may have to go back to mp3 only but at least ill have something and at least ill be able to post some if not my normal amount.

  21. Mat Brewster Says:

    Oh and thanks everybody as usual for the very kind words.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    I’d root for flacs, even if that means limiting the amount of uploads. Quality over quantity!

  23. Bruce Says:

    That’s great to hear Mat.

  24. Tony Says:

    Hope you like your new place!

  25. Bob W Says:

    Hi Mat,

    How did the move go? It’s always difficult uprooting from one place to go to another. I hope you are adjusting well to the new home and area. My opinion is for you to post what you want when you want to in whatever format works for you. This is your blog, and all the rest of us do is take from you. We should not make any demands on you. THANK YOU for all you do, it is appreciated.

    Bob W.

  26. old folkie Says:

    I’ll keep in touch on FB

  27. Mat Brewster Says:

    I will likely do a big rant on this later but right now I will just say AT&T is evil. Run around after run around and I don’t have Internet at all. In two days I will find out if it is available at all. Meanwhile I’m looking into satellite Internet. Ugh. Hang in there folks.

  28. Seth Hollander Says:

    Sorry that getting internet at your new place is such a headache. Hope you’re surrounded by beautiful nature and other goodness to make up for it.

  29. Grant Says:

    Here’s hoping you’re on the road to “internet recovery” Mat – hang in there!

  30. 25thBeatle Says:

    Hi Mat,

    Just want you to know anyone who has moved and tried to work with ANY of the internet companies is not a pleasant experience. I believe I speak for all who visit your excellent site when I say Get Back To Where You Once Belong……
    I second Grant’s comment:

  31. Mat Brewster Says:

    Good news: I will finally have Internet on thursday. Badness: bandwidth will be severely limited. They say the caps go off after midnight so we should be back I business more or less. Some changes will be afoot for sure. Once I’m up ill lay down my exact plans. Until then let’s just say hurrah!

  32. Bob W Says:

    Hi Mat,

    Glad to hear that things are slowly getting resolved. Hopefully they won’t impose to many restrictions on you. To stress what Grant has already said: “Hang In There”. Best of luck my friend.

    Bob W.

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