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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: John Coltrane – Kobe ’66

John Coltrane
KOBE ’66
Kobe, Japan
July 17, 1966

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I like jazz. I dig Coltrane. I know very little about either. This is an obvious upgrade but some of the notes don’t make sense to me, and the tracking is weird to my eyes. But whatever. Its live Coltrane so love it. Or not. There are further notes in the download.

01 – Announcement 01:00
Takashi Kubata Announcer
02 – Naima 20:30

03 – Garrison intro to MFT 16:04

04 – MFT – Trane solo 09:52
05 – MFT – Sanders solo 10:04
06 – MFT – Piano solo 06:23
07 MFT – Trane finale 13:39
TT 40:02

08 – Leo – Theme 10:31
09 – Leo – Drums solo with Leo theme 13:18
10 – Leo – Piano solo 10.52
11 – Leo – Saxes Reprise finale 07:49

TT 42:34
TTT 120:09
12 – Leo – Reprise (inc 2:51 + 0:18) 03:09

16a – MFT – Piano solo shortened 00:51
20a – Leo – Piano solo shortened 01:20

John Coltrane Saxes and percussion
Pharoah Sanders Saxes and Percussion
Alice Coltrane Piano
Jimmy Garrison Bass
Rashied Ali Drums

There’ s no interruction between MFt and Leo they were played Continuously !!!

Thanks to Flambay (Cristian Reichert) who did the speed correction,
especially on the tracks that need variable pitch adjustments (tracks 06-07-11).

Sound Quality from B- to C+ —- see below for a more detailed analysis track by track

Lineage > 2 dime torrents > Audacity (high pass filter (default value) – normalizing – noise cutting ) > TLH (sbe- flac) > Dime

This version comes from the sum of 2 versions of this con1cert :
The “MASTER” version and the ” SOUND IMPROVED ” version.

I had to do so because both the MASTER version and the SOUND IMPROVED version weren’t complete .

Was uploaded by myself the first months of 2009

The “MASTER” one is the version uploaded last December by Tranehead with the following notes :

4 Responses to “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: John Coltrane – Kobe ’66”

  1. ForumNE Says:

    There is a problem with Rapidshare here. They say your public access is exhausted and this file is unavailable.

  2. Mat Brewster Says:

    Try it again. Rapidshare completely changed their site and I’m still trying to figure it out. They’ve also put some bandwidth limits with their accounts. Looing at it I don’t think I should get anywhere close to them, but I can’t say that for sure. Man, if they crap out I really don’t know that I will be able to keep doing this.

  3. ForumNE Says:

    It seems to be working this time. Thanks for looking into this.

  4. Jimg Says:

    Thanks, for continuing on. Thanks, for all the great music.

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