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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: The Beatles – The Complete Live Collection, Vol. 5 – Seattle Down

beatles live collection settle down

The Beatles
Live 05 – Seattle Down
Purple Chick

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The fifth volume in our ‘live series you probably don’t even need': the
first half of The Beatles’ first U.S. tour.

Here, the Hollywood Bowl concert is the unedited stereo tape. You can find various alternate edits/mixes of this show on Purple Chick’s
Hollywood Bowl Deluxe Edition, but this is the whole tape. We decided not to give you various audience/newsreel recordings of this (and
other shows) if there’s a soundboard. Sometimes enough is enough.


Blackpool Night Out – 19 July, 1964
1: operating table sketch (July 1964)
2: intro (July 1964 + Blackpool Night Out ’64 Upgraded)
3: A Hard Day’s Night (Blackpool Night Out ’64 Upgraded)
4: Things We Said Today (Blackpool Night Out ’64 Upgraded)
5: You Can’t Do That (Blackpool Night Out ’64 Upgraded)
6: If I Fell (Blackpool Night Out ’64 Upgraded)
7: Long Tall Sally (Blackpool Night Out’64 Upgraded + Mythology)

Johannesshovs Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden – 28 July, 1964
8: intro (Can You Hear Me?)

Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA – 19 August, 1964
9: intro (We’d Like To Carry On)
10: Twist And Shout (We’d Like To Carry On)
11: She Loves You (We’d Like To Carry On)
12: A Hard Day’s Night (We’d Like To Carry On)
13: Can’t Buy Me Love/You Can’t Do That (unbooted)

Convention Hall, Las Vegas, NV – 20 August, 1964
9: intro (Eye of the Hurricane DVD)
10: Twist And Shout (Eye of the Hurricane DVD)

Coliseum, Seattle, WA – 21 August, 1964
16: intro (Northwest Nights)
17: Twist And Shout (Northwest Nights)
18: You Can’t Do That (Northwest Nights)
19: All My Loving (Northwest Nights)
20: She Loves You (Northwest Nights)
21: Things We Said Today (Northwest Nights)
22: Roll Over Beethoven (Northwest Nights)
23: Can’t Buy Me Love (Northwest Nights)
24: If I Fell (Northwest Nights)
25: I Want To Hold Your Hand (Northwest Nights + We’d Like To Carry On)
26: Boys (Northwest Nights)
27: A Hard Day’s Night (Northwest Nights)
28: Long Tall Sally (Northwest Nights)


Empire Stadium, Vancouver, Canada – 22 August, 1964
1: intro (Northwest Nights)
2: Twist And Shout (Northwest Nights)
3: You Can’t Do That (Northwest Nights)
4: All My Loving (Northwest Nights)
5: She Loves You (Northwest Nights)
6: Things We Said Today (Northwest Nights)
7: Roll Over Beethoven (Northwest Nights)
8: Can’t Buy Me Love (Northwest Nights)
9: If I Fell (Northwest Nights)
10: Boys (Northwest Nights)
11: A Hard Day’s Night (Northwest Nights)
12: Long Tall Sally (Northwest Nights)

Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA – 23 August, 1964
13: intro (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
14: Twist And Shout (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
15: You Can’t Do That (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
16: All My Loving (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
17: She Loves You (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
18: Things We Said Today (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
19: Roll Over Beethoven (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
20: Can’t Buy Me Love (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
21: If I Fell (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
22: I Want To Hold Your Hand (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
23: Boys (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
24: A Hard Day’s Night (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
25: Long Tall Sally (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
26: outro (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)

3 Responses to “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: The Beatles – The Complete Live Collection, Vol. 5 – Seattle Down”

  1. Zagloba Says:

    Thanks very much for covering these excellent recordings of Purple Chick Live Series. Unfortunately the links for the earlier volumes, using rapidshare, seem to be dead now. Could you possibly include new links?

  2. Mat Brewster Says:

    I’m terribly sorry, but for now the answer is no. The sites I use to host these shows have a tendency to either go out of business, get shut down by the feds or just take down my files after awhile.

    I simply don’t have the time to go back and reupload anything right now. Maybe at some date in the future I’ll be able to, but for now I have to concentrate on posting new shows.

  3. Mat Brewster Says:

    I did find this though:

    Those links seem to work for volume seven, and I’m just guessing that if you follow the links to that persons other posts on Guitars you’ll find more.

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