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Bootleg Bonanza: Tom Waits – Denver, CO (02/19/75)

tom waits denver 1975

Tom Waits
Ebbets Field
Denver, CO

Download MP3@320: File Factory

On A Foggy Night
Eggs And Sausage
New Coat Of Paint
New Coat of Paint
Night Hawk Postcards
(Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night
Ice Cream Man
San Diego Serenade
Ol’ ’55

7 Responses to “Bootleg Bonanza: Tom Waits – Denver, CO (02/19/75)”

  1. Terry Says:

    Thanks for this but, having downloaded it, it isn’t the concert listed. It is another concert from Ebbets Field (probably also 1975)

  2. Mat Brewster Says:

    Yep, you are right. I fixed the setlist. Do you have any idea of the date on this? I looked around at Etree, but didn’t see anything that matched.

  3. Terry Says:

    Dear Mat

    I’m afraid I don’t. Do you have the concert for the set list you originally put up?


  4. Mat Brewster Says:

    No, sorry. I downloaded a bunch of Waits MP3s from a site that has now gone under. The date listed here is the date these particular MP3s were listed under from that download. I simply grabbed a setlist from Etree and did a bad job of double checking that everything matched.

  5. howling Says:

    Any chance of a re up please

  6. Mat Brewster Says:

    My apologies, but I don’t have time to repost anything these days.

  7. Mat Brewster Says:

    link updated

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