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The Shanghai Diaries: Beijing and the Great Wall

I finally got around to writing another Shanghai Diaries.  This time it is about our trip to Beijing.  The Internet has been acting screwy so I’m just gonna link to it over at blogcritics. I hope you like it.

We’re leaving for Bangkok in a few hours and we will be traveling in Cambodia and Thailand for about two weeks. I’m fairly certain some of the places will have Internet access, but I can’t say that I’ll be doing any writing.

Until then…

3 Responses to “The Shanghai Diaries: Beijing and the Great Wall”

  1. Conor Says:

    Hi Mat,

    I just read your entry on the Red Cross book fair that you attended in 2006

    and linked over to your midnight cafe blog. I put a link to your recount of the 06 Book Fair on our book fair blog ( I am hoping that your story will help promote the 2008 Book Fair. If you are willing, I would like to have our book fair blog link somewhere available on your blog. let me know what you think…

    I am glad you enjoyed the 2006 book fair, feel free to come back in the future. Although it seems you might be too far away this year.

    Thanks and enjoy your travels.

    Conor Burns

    American Red Cross Volunteer

    PS- I spent some time in Thailand and Cambodia earlier this year, and it was an amazing trip. Enjoy!

  2. Mat Brewster Says:

    Thanks Conor. I’d absolutely love to throw up a link for this years fair. If you’ve got art for it I’ll take that too. My wife and I went to the fair several years in a row and absolutely loved it.

    We are indeed a long ways from being able to attend this year, and in fact we’ll be moving to Oklahoma soon which means no more fairs for us again. But I’m still happy to support that wonderful fair.

  3. Conor Says:

    Hi Mat,

    Thanks for agreeing to put up a link for the book fair.
    Here it is:

    Unfortunately we don’t have art for it though…

    Thanks for supporting the book fair over the years. We appreciate your patronage!

    enjoy the rest of your trip and best of luck in Oklahoma

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