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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan - A Town Without Pity: The Best of the London/Paris Residencies, 1990


Bob Dylan
Town Without Pity: The Best of the London/Paris Residencies, 1990

Download FLAC: Mediafire
Download MP3@320: Mediafire

01. Absolutely Sweet Marie (02-08)
02. Where Teardrops Fall (01-30)
03. You Angel You (02-08)
04. Hang Me, Oh Hang Me (02-08)
05. You’re A Big Girl Now (01-29)
06. All Along The Watchtower (01-29)
07. I Shall Be Released (01-29)
08. It’s Alright, Ma (02-07)
09. One Too Many Mornings (01-29)
10. Boots Of Spanish Leather (01-30)
11. Dark As A Dungeon (02-06)
12. Simple Twist Of Fate (01-30)
13. Ballad Of Hollis Brown (02-01)
14. Man In The Long Black Coat (01-30)
15. Disease Of Conceit (02-08)
16. Has Anybody Seen My Love?
17. Queen Jane Approximately (02-03)

These songs are all performances from Bob Dylan’s esteemed residencies in Paris and London during the winter of 1990. This was a very fruitful tour, as Dylan reinvented classic songs and sharpened his interpretation of newer releases.

Highlights include a rare airing of “You Angel You,” an electrified Civil War ballad, “Hang Me, Oh Hang Me,” an absolutely intense “It’s Alright Ma,” the mournful “Simple Twist Of Fate,” the ominous “Man In The Long Black Coat,” a piano-driven “Disease Of Conceit,” and one of my personal favorites, “Has Anybody Seen My Love.”

Several changes had occurred between the beginning of the Never-Ending Tour in 1988 and this series of concerts. Dylan’s voice had altered significantly, drawing away some of the power of those ’88 shows while offering an opportunity to sing with more nuance. You can really hear the singer reaching for now depths in “One Too Many Mornings,” and “Queen Jane Approximately.” Another major change was the inclusion of harmonica from 1989 on. Though my overall impression of harmonicas is not necessarily a positive one, it really adds a melodic quality to many of the tracks here, particularly “Youíre A Big Girl Now” and “One Too Many Mornings.”

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band - East Setauket, NY (08/16/84)


Jerry Garcia Band
Good Skates Roller Rink
East Setauket, NY

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Download MP3@320: Mediafire

As mentioned Zippy is going really slow for me. Thought I’d try Mediafire again. It did upload really fast. We’ll see if it continues to or if Cox slows it down after a few days.

taper : Joe D’Amico ”aka” Joebeacon
nak 300 mics > sony d-5
nak dragon tape deck > sony sbm1 > creative extigy soundcard> cool edit pro> flac frontend

disc 1 : 1st set
01-how sweet it is
02-they love each other
04-run for the roses
05-like a road
06-tangled up in blue

disc 2 : 2nd set
01-cats under the stars
02-love in the afternoon
03-mission in the rain
04-dear prudence
05-midnight moonlight

From the taper:

a little history about this show . the show date was 8/14 then the shopping center where the roller rink was part of went on fire so the show didn’t go on untill the 16th . also the sound system in the place sucked what do you expect from a roller rink . i was up front about 10 feet high dead center and there was a hiss coming out of the speakers all night . also the a/c in the place broke down somewhere in the first set and the place became a sweat pit . when you listen to cats and jerry say anyone who sweats like this ect… the place goes nuts because it was super hot in there . i had the a/c unit right above my head making some funky noises and dripping water on my head all night which wasn’t to bad since the place was so hot . if i remember right there was alot of rain while the show was going on and people where opening the exit doors and going under a broken gutter that was pouring water out of it just to cool off . so during some of the slower songs you can here the hiss from the speakers but all in all this was a pretty somking show . let me know what you think of the sound and the show ….enjoy joe

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders - Berkeley, CA (06/03/75)


Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders
06/03/1975 - Tuesday
Berkeley, CA
Audience FOB Recording

Download FLAC: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Download MP3@320: Part 1, Part 2

Media: Maxell UD90
Lineage: Sony ECM-270 and ECM-250 [Positioned Onstage] > Sony TC-152 > MAC
Transfer: MAC > Nak Dragon > LynxTWO-B > WaveLab 5.0 > HD 24/96 WAV
Taper: Bob Menke and Louis Falanga
Transfer: Bob Menke
Mastering: Derek McCabe

Set 1:
d1t01 - It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
d1t02 - I Feel Like Dynamite
d1t03 - Day By Day
d1t04 - Tore Up Over You
d1t05 - Going, Going, Gone

Set 2:
d2t01 - Harder They Come
d2t02 - Bossa Martin
d2t03 - Someday Baby
d2t04 - //Tough Mama
d2t05 - How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)

Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders:
* Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
* Merl Saunders - keyboards, vocals
* John Kahn - bass
* Martin Fierro - saxophone, flute
* ??? ????? - drums

Mastering Notes:
– d1t01 - Tape fades in, then taper equipment problems at 02:11 where recording is cut; there is about a minute of intrumentals missing along with some Jerry vocals. Cut was cross-faded with the remainder of the song and kept as one track.
– d2t04 - Tape flip cross-faded.

– This is listed as Garcia and Saunders since it has been confirmed Ron Tutt did not play drums at this show; however, it is not certain who did.
– d1t03 - Based on currently available information “Day By Day” (instrumental) was played just two other times at a show.
– d2t01 - Notable feedback at about 00:43 and 01:16.
– d2t04 - According to db.etree “Tough Mama” is not part of the originally circulating Menke-Falanga taped source (shnid=4477). However, it is included in the db.etree show listing set list (shows_key=4888). It is not present in the set list shown at
– d2t04 - “Tough Mama” fades in, with just a few seconds of music missing.

Taper Talk:
– Question - “Was Bob [Menke] friendly enough with [Steve] Parish to be allowed stage lip mic mounting?”
– Answer - “We had no permission. We snuck the equipment in and were near the front of the line so we could get the spot. In early 1976 at Sophie’s (before the veunue became Keystone Palo Alto) we tried the same thing and 2 things happened. Ramroad cut our mic cable during the first set and Parish threatened to break the 152 over our heads if he saw us trying to tape the 2nd set. Hope that answers your question.”

Special Note:
– These are recordings done by Bob Menke and Louis Falanga at the Berkeley Keystone, made in May and June of 1975, that MOTB will be turning out, the subsequent Grateful Dead and related recordings are dedicated to Bob Menke’s mom, Connie, who is suffering from pancreatic cancer. As you listen to what are certainly the most unique - if possibly not some of the best - audience recordings of Jerry Garcia in his prime, please send out healing vibes and prayers to Connie any way you see fit. We are all pulling for her, so please keep her in your hearts and prayers. The MOTB Team

MOTB Release: 0045 16bit/44.1Khz
Release Date: 09/11/2007

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders - Berkeley, CA (07/21/74)


Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders
2119 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704
July 21, 1974 (Sunday)

Download FLAC: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Download MP3@320: Part 1, Part 2

MSR > PCM > DAT > ZA2 > CDR (xx) > EAC > flac1644.

Disc One (3 tracks, 47:22)
–end set I–
d1t01. The Harder They Come [18:09] (1) [0:14] %
–set II–
d1t02. //When I Die [12:33#] (2) [0:28]
d1t03. Pennies From Heaven// [15:41#] % dead air [0:14]

Disc Two (4 tracks, 46:02)
–set II (con’t)–
d2t01. //After Midnight [#10:33] (3) [1:59]
d2t02. When I Die [17:10] [1:29]
d2t03. You Can Leave Your Hat On// [11:28#] % dead air [0:04]
d2t04. //How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) [#2:56] (4) [0:17] % dead air [0:04]

Jerry Garcia - el-g, vocals;
Merl Saunders - keyboards, vocals;
Martin Fierro - saxophone;
Tony Saunders - el-bass;
?? - drums.


Recording: symbols: % = recording discontinuity; / = clipped song; // = cut song; … = fade in/out; # = truncated timing; [ ] = recorded event time. The recorded event time immediately after the song or item name is an attempt at getting the “real” time of the event. So, a timing of [x:xx] right after a song title is an attempt to say how long the song really was, as represented on this recording.


db: none.


This recording clearly is not what it purports to be. The Grateful Dead were at Hollywood Bowl on 7/21/74, though Garcia could have flown up for a late Bay Area set with Merl after that show ended ca. 9 pm. All available sources also point to Earthquake and Moby Grape playing the Keystone Berkely this night (Berkeley Barb, 7/12-18/74, p. 28; Hayward Daily Review, July 19, 1974, p. 36). Tony Saunders is playing bass here, which works well with the 7/21 dating since John Kahn was down in Hollywood, having opened for the GD as part of Maria Muldaur’s band, and he may not have wanted to fly north right away. The room sounds too big to be a tiny place like the Sand Dunes, which I had earlier conjectured. I also think it goes along well with the material dated 7/22/74 (also featuring Tony S. on bass). My working argument is that we might as well call it 7/21/74, Keystone Berkeley.

We cannot know how much of a show, or how many pieces of shows, this represents. I have conjectured before that this represents bits and pieces of tape. It’s so cut up, we really can’t tell what might go with what except for the ca. 40-minute piece of continuous tape from After Midnight to Leave Your Hat On. HTC is definitely the end of a first set, and HSII is definitely the end of a show, but beyond that we don’t have much to go on.

Personnel: Tony Saunders is on bass, which only really happened when Kahn was unavailable. As noted just above, this lends some credence to a 7/21/74 dating. I do not know who is drumming. The guy is really good. Possibilities include Bill Kreutzmann, Paul Humphrey or Gaylord Birch, all of whom Tony Saunders remembers playing with in the Saunders-Garcia band. E.W. Wainwright apparently played with Aunt Monk at the Generosity (timeframe uncertain) and also sat in at least once with Garcia-Saunders (3/14/74, Keystone Berkeley). Larry Vann and Bob Stellar both also drummed with Aunt Monk and could be possible here.
R: this is a really sweet sounding recording. First fucking rate. It’s maybe a little bright, as if maybe the PCM gen put some pre-emphasis in that never got decoded out. But Betty Cantor-Jackson is a true genius. This recording came from “Batch One” of the Betty tapes, which explains the PCM gen.
P: d1t01 HTC the drummer is really hot. Now, of course, Betty knows how to mic him perfectly. The snap is fantastic. But that’s also because the dude is *hitting. Merl also sounds really nice. Jerry gets a nice metallic sound for his solo in the 12-minute mark, extremely electric.
d1t01 HTC In the 8-min mark is that alto sax? Martin is keeping it nice and tight here.
venue: crowd sounds too big to be the Sand Dunes. Maybe 7/21 and 7/22 go together, and are actually from the Keystone.
(1) JG: “We’re gonna take a break for a little while. We’ll be back a little bit later.”
P: d1t02 WID when they drop into the jam around 2:30, it’s really nice, with Tony Saunders supplying the big bottom end and Merl cooking around and through him. Tony does some nice ascending runs at the start of the 3-min mark. Martin misses the return to the ‘1′ about 11 minutes in, but treats discretion as the better part of valor, stops, andjoins the rest of the band.
R: d1t02 When I Die cuts in, not much missing;
d1t02 (2) Tony Saunders can be heard talking to Jerry from 12:41 to the end of the track.
setlist: d1t03 Pennies From Heaven is the Arthur Johnston/Johnny Burke composition (1936). Thanks to Tony Saunders for identifying it.
R: d1t03 Pennies From Heaven cuts out;
R: d2t01 After Midnight cuts in, substantially underway in the middle of a loud Martin solo.
P: d2t01 AM Tony picks some really big notes about 5-minutes in. Merl is doing his tasteful Jimmy Smith thing as we approach the 6-minute mark, his son thumping along underneath. @ 6:12 the drummer makes himself heard with some nice cymbal work. It’s grooving now.
d2t01 (3) @ 11:52 someone asks “Jerry, you want a hit man?” Folks on and near stage laugh, Garcia asks back “Do, I want a hit, man? I just had one.”
P: d2t02 WID is much faster than the version that appears earlier in this fileset. The drummer is a monster at the start of this version (though, again, there’s always the fact of Betty’s amazing tapes to factor in).
P: d2t03 YCLYHO Merl is a little confused about the vocals at the start.
R: d2t03 YCLYHO Vocals are very low in the mix, come in better after about a minute and a half.
P: d2t03 YCLYHO Martin does some ear-splitting stuff @ 5:55.
R: d2t03 YCLYHO cuts out, unknown amount missing.
R: d2t04 How Sweet It Is cuts in, almost entirely missing
d2t04 (4) JG: “See y’all later.”

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead - New York, NY (03/21/72)


Grateful Dead
March 21, 1972
Academy of Music
New York, NY

Download FLAC: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7
Download MP3@320: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Recording Info:
SBD -> Master Reel -> Apogee AD500 -> Dat/0 (48k)

Transfer Info:
Dat (Sony D8) -> Samplitude Professional v9.11 -> FLAC
(3 Discs Audio / 2 Discs FLAC)

All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
August 15, 2007

– All disc changes are seamless
– Tuning tracks added for disc change purposes
– Mix problems in Bertha
– Cut during intro to Chinatown Shuffle
– Hundreds of flaws removed, but some may still remain
– There is a bad hum from a grounding issue that eventually gets fixed
– Thanks to Rob Eaton for lending me his Dats
–Set 1–
101-d1t01 - Bertha
102-d1t02 - Black Throated Wind
103-d1t03 - Sugaree
104-d1t04 - Chinatown Shuffle
105-d1t05 - Greatest Story Ever Told
106-d1t06 - Loser
107-d1t07 - Mr. Charlie
108-d1t08 - Looks Like Rain
109-d1t09 - Tennessee Jed
110-d1t10 - Playing in the Band
111-d1t11 - You Win Again
112-d1t12 - Cumberland Blues
113-d2t01 - Tuning
114-d2t02 - Next Time You See Me
115-d2t03 - El Paso
116-d2t04 - Good Lovin’ ->
117-d2t05 - Casey Jones

–Set 2–
201-d2t06 - Tuning
202-d2t07 - Truckin’ ->
203-d2t08 - Drums ->
204-d2t09 - The Other One ->
205-d2t10 - Wharf Rat
206-d3t01 - Tuning
207-d3t02 - Sugar Magnolia
208-d3t03 - The Stranger (Two Souls In Communion)
209-d3t04 - Ramble on Rose
210-d3t05 - Me & My Uncle
211-d3t06 - Big Railroad Blues
212-d3t07 - Not Fade Away ->
213-d3t08 - Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad ->
214-d3t09 - One More Saturday Night

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison - San Francisco, CA (04/04/04)


Van Morrison
April 4, 2004
Masonic Auditorium
San Francisco, California USA
source: audience recording -> ? -> SHN

Download SHN: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Download MP3@320: Part 1, Part 2

01. Inarticulate Speech of The Heart #1
02. Have I Told You Lately (Las Vegas Version)
03. Once In A Blue Moon
04. Back On Top
05. In The Midnight
06. All Work And No Play
07. Into The Mystic
08. Whining Boy Moan
09. Wonderful Remark
10. Little Village
11. One Irish Rover
12. That’s Life
13. Stop Drinking
14. Philosopher’s Stone
15. Fire in the Belly
16. Precious Time
17. All In The Game > You Know What They’re Writing About > Make It Real One More Time > Rainbow 65
18. And The Healing Has Begun
19. Gloria

John Allair
Ned Edwards
David Hayes
Matt Holland
Bobby Irwin
Martin Winning

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Review - Toronto, Canada (12/01-02/75)

rolling thunder

Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Review
12/01/75 & 12/02/75
Maple Leaf Garden
Toronto, ON

BD 1975.12.01 - MP3 Part
BD 1975.12.01 - MP3 Part
BD 1975.12.01 - MP3 Part
BD 1975.12.02 - MP3 Part
BD 1975.12.02 - MP3 Part
BD 1975.12.02 - MP3 Part
BD 1975.12.02 MP3 Part
BD Complete Rolling Thunder FLAC Part
BD Complete Rolling Thunder FLAC Part
BD Complete Rolling Thunder FLAC Part
BD Complete Rolling Thunder FLAC Part
BD Complete Rolling Thunder FLAC Part
BD Complete Rolling Thunder FLAC Part
BD Complete Rolling Thunder FLAC Part
BD Complete Rolling Thunder FLAC Part
BD Complete Rolling Thunder FLAC Part
BD Complete Rolling Thunder FLAC Part
BD Complete Rolling Thunder FLAC Part
BD Complete Rolling Thunder FLAC Part
BD Complete Rolling Thunder FLAC Part
BD Complete Rolling Thunder FLAC Part
BD Complete Rolling Thunder FLAC Part


***Bobby Neuwirth***
Good Love Is Hard to Find

***T-Bone Burnett***
Hula Hoop

***Steven Soles***

***Rob Stoner***

***Mick Ronson***
Is There Life on Mars?

***Bobby Neuwirth & Ronee Blakley***
Alabama Dark (Hank Williams Is Dead)

***Ronee Blakley***
Need a New Sun Rising

***Bobby Neuwirth***

***Cindy Bullens***
Nowhere to Go

***Bobby Neuwirth***
Mercedes Benz

***Joni Mitchell***
Woman of Heart and Mind
Edith and the Kingpin
Don’t Interrupt the Sorrow

Set II

***Bobby Neuwirth***
Ramblin’ Jack

***Ramblin’ Jack Elliot***
Muleskinner Blues
Pretty Boy Floyd
Salt Park West Virginia
I’m a Rich and Rambling Boy

***Bob Dylan***
When I Paint My Masterpiece
It Ain’t Me Babe
Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
Tonight I’ll Be Staying with You
It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry
Romance in Durango

***Bob Dylan & Joan Baez***
The Times They Are a-Changin’
Dark as a Dungeon
Never Let Me Go
I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine
I Shall Be Released

***Joan Baez***
Diamonds and Rust
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Joe Hill
Love Song to a Stranger
Long Black Veil
Please Come to Boston

***Joan Baez & Roger McGuinn***
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

***Roger McGuinn***
Eight Miles High
Chestnut Mare

***Gordon Lightfoot***
Race Among the Ruins
The Watchman’s Gone


***Bob Dylan***
It’s All Over Now Baby Blue
Love Minus Zero/No Limit
Simple Twist of Fate

***Bob Dylan & the Rolling Thunder Revue***
Oh Sister
One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below)
Just Like a Woman
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
This Land Is Your Land


***Bobby Neuwirth***
Good Love Is Hard To Find
Werewolves of London

***Rob Stoner***

***Mick Ronson***
Is There Life On Mars

band intros

**Ronnee Blakely***
Hank Williams Is Dead
[ronnee blakely tune]

***Bobby Neuwirth
Mercedes Benz

*** Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks ***
40 Days >
Hey Bo Diddley >
Who Do You Love >
Third Stone From The Stone

*** Joni Mitchell ***
unknown - mic noise
Don’t Interrupt The Sorrow

*** Bob Neuwirth ***
Talkin’ Ramblin Jack Intro

*** Ramblin Jack Elliot
San Franciso Bay Blues
Talkin’ Fishin’ Blues
McGill McGill

*** Bob Dylan ***
When I Paint My Masterpiece
It Ain’t Me Babe
The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
It’s A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
Romance In Durango

Set II

*** Bob Dylan and Joan Baez ***
Blowin’ In The Wind
Wild Mountain Thyme
Mama You Been On My Mind
Dark As A Dungeon
I Shall Be Released

*** Joan Baez ***
Diamonds and Rust
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Pastures of Plenty
Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues
Come To Boston
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

*** Roger McGuinn ***
Eight Miles High
Chestnut Mare

*** Gordon Lightfoot ***
Baez intro
Race Among The Ruins
Cherokee Bend
High & Dry

*** Bob Dylan ***
Mr. Tambourine Man
Tangled Up In Blue
O Sister
One More Cup Of Coffee
Just Like A Woman
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
This Land Is Your Land

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Merl Saunders - Ithaca, NY (04/24/91)


Merl Saunders & the Rainforest Band
The Haunt
Ithaca, NY

Our very own commenter Jeff sent me this one from his own taping archives. He says its never been released anywhere else. Its a very nice sounding show and a really great performance. Apologies to Jeff for taking so freaking long to get this up.

Download FLAC: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Recorded by Jeff (nowurtalkin)

1. Blues for the Rainforest
2. Drums
3. Blue Hill Ocean Dance
4. After Midnight
5. Do I Move You
6. Save Mother Earth
7. Sugaree
8. I Just Want To Be Your Lover Man

Notes from the taper:

There are a few spots on this recording where it sounds like there is a major tape drag, like from out of nowhere, however there are also a few unmistakable instances where it is merl who does this w/the music. He had some kind of flanger or pitch control thing, I guess hooked up to his Hammond, and does this effect occasionally. But there are a couple times when it truly sounds like the recorder is about to die or eat tape & I cannot say for certain if all the instances were purposely done by merl? But there is no reason for the recorder to have done it. Also, there was an in-song tape flip done, during sugaree I think, at around 48 min +. And so I could not help having a 1 second long dropout on the transfer. I cut out that dropout but the joint is not perfectly lined up. Not bad tho. Also there was an unexplained close to 10 second dropout, during the time after sugaree, and the encore, while merl was talking. That’s somewhere around 54:00 mark. I cut out that dropout & it’s almost unnoticeable. I still am VERY inexperienced at this.

More Bandwidth Issues

I got an e-mail today from Cox stating I was over my bandwidth limit.  I didn’t even know I had a bandwidth limit.  Apparently its 300 gigs.  Yes, I have used over 300 gigs in (slightly) less than one month.

Some research indicates that Cox isn’t too evil about this. They won’t be charging me for the excess (though they would like me to upgrade to a higher plan.) They won’t be throttling me. Some people have indicated their service was turned off when they went over but a simple phone call turned it back on.

However to avoid that I’ll be watching my usage a little closer. I spent a year and a half with a 10 gig limit so I think I can manage to stay under 300, but it will be hard ;)

Admittedly since having fast Internet we’ve gone a little crazy. We signed up for Netflix and watch movies every night. I’ve downloaded a bunch of stuff, including many show. I’ve uploaded a bunch of shows for the blog. But mostly its the torrents. More specifically the uploads. Like a good torrentor I’ve kept my torrents going long after I got the show and allowed anybody to grab the show from me. This, I think has sucked up most of that 300 gigs.

What this means is I’m going to be more careful. I’ll have to watch what I download and I’m going to limit my torrenting. I’m also probably going to just upload and post one show a day to keep some of that bandwidth down. Likely you all won’t notice that much, though it will once again limit the variety a little. I’ll still try to grab a few torrents each month and I’ll try to find some interesting stuff, but mostly we’ll be back to the Holy Trinity.

Anyways you’ll still be seeing plenty of me, just maybe not as much as I’d hoped.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Elton John - Philadelphia, PA (12/14/01)


Elton John 2001-12-14
A Grand Opening
Live in Philadelphia Kimmel Center

Download FLAC: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Download MP3@320: Zippy

Your Song
The Greatest Discovery
Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Ballad of the Boy In Red Shoes
Mona Lisa’s and Mad Hatters
Honky Cat
Rocket Man
This Train Don’t Stop Here Anymore
I Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues
Philadelphia Freedom

This one is simply fantastic recording of Elton playing in a real classy style appropriate for an black tie audience that paid $5000 a seat.

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